Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm In Good Company

Expelled Conservatives:

John Locke from Christ Church College, Oxford
Robert Frost from Dartmouth (fyi some scholars say voluntary withdrawl)
Tom DeLay from Baylor University

And last but not least

Steve Barber from University of Virginia's College at Wise...


Samuel said...

Mr. Barber, I am a law student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. I am a liberal Democrat, a staunch supporter of gun control, I believe current gun control measures are far too lenient, and while I respect it, I completely disagree with your assertion that UVA-Wise's gun policy is illegal or uncsontituational.

That all being said, I am also someone tired of the way the media reports stories, and have taken several days to read up thoroughly on both sides of your story. My conclusion is simple, your expulsion is beyond absurd. Because I believe UVA-Wise's gun policy is legal, I accept (as I'm sure you do not) that some form of minor sanction was called for in your case. However, the disparate treatment of your case compared to past UVA-Wise gun cases make clear that your expulsion has very little to do with your possession of firearms and much more to do with your story.

You were clearly not a threat to anyone, and the slightest bit of investigation, which they did, seems to have made the clear. Instead, they ignored everything they looked into, making me wonder why they even had you psychologically examined to begin with, if they were just going to ignore the results.

Your story appeals to more people than you probably realize, so remember to never be afraid to take your stories to those you expect to disagree with you. You might be surprised by the support you will find.

Steve Barber said...

I appreciate the support.