Friday, March 14, 2008

Bristol Herald Courier Follow Up Question

Headline: Expelled Student's Writings Raised Red Flags Before

Which is a Media General News Service wire story so it gets spread all over the ENTIRE state...

So how about that follow up question...I dunno...

"Mr. Barber, what were the results from that SOL essay you wrote that was red flagged?"

"Well Mr. Owens, I'm so glad you asked. I made a perfect score. A 600."

Yes, I told Mike Owens that I did make a perfect score and no, he didn't report it.

Bristol Herald Courier, all the slime that's unfit to print.

Quick recap:

My public intox charge establishes that I'm a recovering alcoholic, yes. But the incident on Feb. 29 was not alcohol related or criminal related for that matter (notice I haven't been charged with anything...)

My charges were dropped by the prosecutor for the assault/battery, petty theft, and felony trespassing with intent to assault/batter. The statement they gave campus police on the scene and the one filed out in town the next day were as different as night and day (read: made up) so they were dropped. Bringing up dropped charges to defame my reputation is sheer muckraking.

The fact that I was on probation with the school would only be applicable if I had broken a school rule that the school had the authority to enforce. The school broke the law with their firearm ban, and didn't have the authority to enforce it. That is not a violation of my probation.


Andrew said...

Dude, WTF were you thinking? I mean, I don't think you should have gotten expelled and I certainly think you should have been allowed to have the guns, but why on earth would you write a story in which you fantasize about killing a professor with the same name as your actual professor?

I know what the first amendment is there for, but if you were my student I would not want you as a student anymore and I would certainly recommend a psych eval. You can have your homocidal fantasies (I know I do) and even express them but a certain amount of judgment is needed. How the fuck did you think the prof would take it?

Steve Barber said...

A) There is no 'fantasy' about killing the professor, media reports to the contrary be damned.

B) I'm not on a first name basis with most of my professors.